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Who will pray for me?

In the Bible there are a good many stories of people who were desperate for other people to pray for them. Just a few examples follow. There was a blind man who shouted out for Jesus to restore his sight, a synagogue ruler who begged Jesus to come and pray with his desperately ill daughter and a centurion who sent his servants to ask Jesus to pray outside his home for one of his other servants who was very sick. In this last example, the centurion did not feel that Jesus would want to meet him in person or to visit his home. He felt unworthy to approach such a powerful and important person. I wonder how often we feel like that?

From my experience of living in Sudbury, I think this happens often, especially when I meet those asking for prayer who don’t regularly come to All Saints Church. The good news is that in all of the stories above, Jesus willingly prayed for those who asked him and each one found that Jesus met his need. Please feel free to ask for our prayers. I, myself, and the people at All Saints will willingly pray for you in your time of need. You could need prayer for yourself or for someone or something else. Just let me know what is on your mind. This can be done by phone, by e-mail or by putting a note through the church door.

In the near future we are going to be more organized in the way we pray for every street in our parish. This will include walking through the parish so that as we visit each road or area as we will pray for what we see about us. It would help us if we were aware of anything that you would like us to focus on as we pray. Just let me know by phoning Sudbury 375334 or e- mailing:

Best wishes in Jesus,


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