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Am I worth it?

Just think about God for a moment: all powerful, all knowing, outside time and space, creator of the universe. If I ask God for help, will he think I am worth it? Too many people think the answer to that is no. The Bible gives a different answer. Look at these people who thought Jesus wouldn’t be bothered with them A woman, who had spent her life savings on doctors who could not stop her constant bleeding, approached Jesus in the crowd behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, not wanting to be seen asking for help. A Roman army officer who sent his servants instead of going himself because he was a foreigner and part of the occupying army and thought Jesus would not have the time or the inclination to visit him. Then there was the tax inspector who climbed a tree so he could just see Jesus passing, afraid he would never get near enough to see Jesus for himself with all the other more socially acceptable people crowding around such a celebrated teacher. For each of these people Jesus stopped, paid attention to their need and acted with understanding and compassion. He encouraged them and challenged them to come closer to him and be identified with him.

Do you feel Jesus won’t listen to you if you talk to him? Do you think you will be rejected because you are not worth it? He doesn’t think you are so unworthy that he won’t draw close to you. Those people who the Bible records as taking the risk of approaching Jesus were surprised to find him dealing with them as they were, needy, disabled, different or the wrong social group and they were rewarded for their courage in coming to meet him. People are still being surprised and rewarded today; to meet Jesus is to encounter the mind of God -the mind of a loving father - so why not take the risk and join them?

Best wishes in Jesus,


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