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Anniversaries and Remembering

This year has been full of significant anniversaries: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the 30th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, the 50th of the Cuban missile crisis, the 25th of the ’87 hurricane. Why do we place such importance on remembering things past? In answering that question, we notice that God instructs us to remember. Every year we celebrate not only Easter and Christmas, but also seed time and harvest; God’s goodness to us in creation and the seasons. How important it is to remember the lessons of the past, to keep them alive in our minds so we don’t continue to repeat past mistakes. We can also look back in gratitude at what others have done, long ago or more recently, that have benefitted us: discoveries and inventions, sacrifices made on our behalf, plots foiled that could have led to civil unrest or war. We still keep Bonfire Night in memory of one failed plot.

As we (hopefully) approach the end of one of our most pointless recent conflicts, that in Afghanistan, we realise just how little we apply what history teaches. This year 11th November, Remembrance Day, falls on a Sunday. Let us take that opportunity to be grateful to God for sacrifices made on our behalf but also to pray earnestly that the lessons of history might not only be remembered but be taken into account when future policy and military decisions are formed and enacted.

Every blessing in Jesus,

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