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Who do we blame next?

Amos, who was a shepherd of Tekoa in Israel many centuries ago, was sent by God to warn that nation what would happen if they carried on the way they were going.

If Amos was speaking today he might name and shame some of our contempories:
City Bankers – they wreck the economy and still pay themselves big bonuses!
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley – he pursues a health bill, that could wreck the NHS!
Townspeople of Sudbury and Ballingdon – you, too, are partly responsible for both of the above.

You might not like this last suggestion, even if you could agree with the other two. God makes quite clear through the Bible that although specific people might be the final cause of particular disasters, they may well be only fulfilling the wishes of society at large, doing what was necessary to give people what they demand. For example, four years ago people were placing their savings in the banks paying the highest rates of interest, so bankers were obliged to take on bigger risks so they could continue to attract business, otherwise they lost customers. With the advances in medicine, the NHS has to keep up with everyone’s expectations of an even better service. Somehow that has to be paid for. Andrew Lansley has no choice but to find ways of raising the money.

I’m not trying to be political. I am trying to illustrate that it is easy to blame others and fail to look in a mirror and see if we have helped cause the problem. Lent is a time to look in the mirror. If we all allow Jesus to work in our own lives, then society as a whole will be better. One small change in one person’s life might not seem much, but if thousands of us all change a little, that will make a big impact.

Please be part of making a big impact this year. As Amos said, “Seek good, not evil, that you may live.”

May God bless you as you do that this Lent.


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