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To worship God Almighty is one of the greatest things we can ever do. Human beings have an innate desire to worship. We all stand in awe of someone or something.

We Christians gather every Sunday to pour out our hearts to our God as a congregation in a church building. But is that worship? What is worship? How and why do we worship God? Are there ways to do so more effectively? We are going to explore all these questions over the coming weeks in our sermon series in All Saints.

The notes of all sermons preached in All Saints are always available from the preachers. However, for this series, we are also intending to record all of them in MP3 format, so they can be made widely available both for those who come to the services and for those who do not. Such recordings can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail or turned into CD’s. You can request either form from me, Simon.

The series will start on 26th May and end on 4th August. This last sermon has been deliberately left open for any questions you may have as a result of the series. One of our Readers, Dr.Malcolm Offord will be preaching the final Sunday morning sermon in the series, so please forward to him anything you would like him to cover or phone him on Sudbury 315689. Clearly, he might have so many questions he would not be able to address them all, then we will follow them up in other ways.

In time these sermons will be available on this website so that they can listened to at once or downloaded for future use directly from here. The first sermon in the series "Preparing ourselves for Worship" is now on the Sermons page. There is also one sermon preached by Malcolm in 2012.

We look forward to worshipping God in spirit and in truth during the coming months and exploring just what that means and how we can join all creation in doing just that together.

The God of love and peace be with us all,


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