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Which is your favourite Olympic sport? Do you take part in that sport yourself or just enjoy encouraging others as they compete? I’m no great sportsperson myself but I do marvel at the effort and years of training that people have put into preparing themselves for this one event. If so much effort is spent working towards the chance of receiving a medal, then having to repeat all that work for four more years for another try, how much more effort should we put into winning the prize of heaven, which is everlasting? The Apostle Paul explores this in the first letter to the Corinthians in chapter 9. He urges us to put in even more effort than an athlete in training will do, so we might win the prize of eternal life – a reward worth far more than even a solid gold medal.

The Bible uses many images drawn from the sporting world. We will be exploring some of these over the summer; they will be themes for our main morning services at 10am. Let us all enjoy the Olympics this summer, as we watch the events and as we use them as illustrations in our worship at All Saints.

Best wishes in Jesus,


Sermon, May 20th 10am service
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