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Let’s join the Christmas Party

Jesus liked a party. The Gospels record numerous stories of Jesus celebrating with people over food and wine in their homes, so much so that some of the religious leaders of the day accused him of being a glutton and a drunkard. I’m pretty sure the charge is false but it does show he must have been welcome at quite a few special events. So, we can be confident that this Christmas, Jesus would approve of us celebrating with our friends and family.

However, he might ask us what the purpose of all that food and drink is. Is it an end in itself, a means of forgetting our day to day worries and irritations or does it hold at its centre something deeper and more meaningful? Jesus longs for our lives to have overflowing joy at their core. That was the whole purpose of his coming to earth – that our lives might not lack purpose and meaning but rather, in him, to find love, joy and peace. I am sure Jesus will rejoice with us as we party happily this Christmas but he would be happier still if he could see in us a richer meaning than just tinsel and crackers. We would be happier too. Let us invite him to be the reason for our partying this year.

May God bless your Christmas,


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