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The Year of Chemistry

I was delighted to hear in January that 2011 has been declared “The Year of Chemistry”. On the radio, I heard a professor of chemistry from a British university bemoaning how people view “chemical” as a dirty word. They blame it for pollution and wrecking the environment. He had a point. Many people gripe about the chemical industry but still use its products. If someone banned the use of all manufactured chemicals, there would be no modern clothing, transport or communication for a start. We would still be living in the Stone Age – yes, no metals from rocks!

Please don’t misunderstand me. Of course there have been many incidents of pollution from chemical plants caused by carelessness or worse, which we rightly protest about. Regulations have to be tightened and certain chemicals banned to protect the environment. It is clearly good to use fewer resources and more natural products. But the point remains, without chemical processes we would revert to the Stone Age.

I used to work as a research chemist so I do sometimes compare the raw materials of my old job with those of my present employer. People use chemicals in their everyday lives yet despise the industry that produces them. How many people ignore God, yet take for granted the many blessings he provides for us? Archaeologists dig up evidence of life in Prehistoric times. It is more difficult to find out what life would be like without God, as we know of no time when he wasn’t around.

However, there are a few nations that have tried to eliminate him: USSR under Stalin; North Korea, China under Mao. Would we really want that as an alternative?

So this year let’s celebrate all that is good and has been made possible by chemical research and manufacture. And let’s remember that we would be worse off than Stone Age Man if God were not around.

Every blessing in Jesus,


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