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Don’t Judge Others

There has been a great deal of judging of other people going on recently. Just who knew what about the dark side of Jimmy Savile? Who was responsible for not showing the Newsnight investigative programme which would spoil the tribute to Savile’s charity work last Christmas? Then who should have checked the facts before Newsnight pointed a finger of suspicion at an unnamed public figure? Now fingers are pointing at various people in the BBC. Whenever it seems someone should have taken action but didn’t we look for someone to blame. It must be the government’s fault or the church’s or both. It is so easy to join in the cascade of criticism these days. Send an email or text with the push of a button. Tweet and your judgement could go viral.

We are in the month when we remember Jesus being born as a human baby in our world. Being both human and God, he brought in him the wisdom of heaven. He warned us against passing judgement on others while our own faults and prejudices remain invisible to ourselves. His instruction was usually simple: don’t! At other times he showed us that it is essential to stand up for what is right. God would prefer to show mercy than to condemn. He would like us to practise compassion and understanding on each other as well.

This Christmas let us spread around a gift that doesn’t cost money – a generous spirit. Let’s hold back on agreeing with whatever judgment we hear being cast on someone and not speak evil of anyone ourselves. Let us ask questions and understand more, rather than rushing to a conclusion before the facts show us we might be wrong. If we spread mercy instead of judgment, we really will create a season of goodwill.

Every blessing in Jesus,


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