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The Falklands Conflict 30 Years on

Thirty years ago this month the Argentineans invaded the Falkland Islands. Our government responded by sending soldiers and a fleet of warships to the South Atlantic. Britain recaptured the islands by force, with the loss of several hundred lives and still owns the islands. The British Government still needs to maintain connections with Argentina, as the islands nearest neighbour, for many practical reasons. Tensions have risen recently, not least due to finding oil in the Falkland waters.

Disputes about who owned land are numerous in the Bible, along with accounts of various wars to settle which nation or tribe should control the country. How disappointing that we humans are still up to the same tricks, so many years on. “Do not covet your neighbour’s property” is the tenth commandment. So many troubles are caused by ignoring it and wanting and trying to get what someone else has. It leads to so much distress.

In a few days it will be Easter, the time when we remember what led up to the momentous events that culminated in Jesus defeating death and being seen alive again on Easter Day. On Palm Sunday, only one week before, Jesus was acclaimed as leader of the Jewish nation on the streets of Jerusalem. He was seen as a threat to authority. By Maundy Thursday a plot had been hatched to take his life by force. On Good Friday he was crucified, freely giving all that was his, his life, that all of us might have life in him. This month, let us not only remember his example and be willing to follow it but also to accept that gift of new life - which also comes with the power to follow Him.


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