Simon's letter September 2010

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Come to Church Sunday

Sunday 26th of September is known nationally as Back to Church Sunday. This year we will be calling it ‘Come to Church Sunday’ because everyone can come, not just those coming back. Everybody is welcome. Anyone may to come to church on any Sunday, but on this particular Sunday we, at All Saints and many other churches, will make a special effort to invite someone else to come along too.

It is striking how often in the Gospels people were brought to Jesus by their friends. Some plucked up the courage to come on their own, but many were brought by people who had already met him. For example, Philip had only just decided to follow Jesus when he went to find Nathanael and ask him to come and meet Jesus. Nathanael was sceptical at first, but Philip persuaded him to put aside his prejudice and come. On meeting Jesus he became a disciple. (St. John’s Gospel ch.1 v 43-50)

Time and time again across the country we hear stories from Back to Church Sunday of how people were grateful that a friend had invited them to come to church with them. This September we have the opportunity to invite a friend to share that blessing and are praying now for whom we might invite.

If you read this and would love someone to come and ask you to come to church with them, please let me know (Sudbury 375334) and we can arrange for someone who lives locally to come with you.

Together, let’s make ‘Come to Church Sunday’ a special day for many people.

Every blessing in Jesus,



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