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The index from which the extract below is taken comes from one I have listed by subject rather than by particular words. The topics covered are listed at the back of the full copy. It is entirely of my own creation, although the idea is not original to me. I was given the idea by Bob Ryder, who in turn received it from Rev. Ken Holder, a retired minister in Highfield Church, Southampton. A similar, commercial index, also by subject, does exist. It is “Naves Topical Bible” published by the Moody Press. My own index is entirely independent of this work.

Full electronic copies may be obtained free of charge from me, in Microsoft Word 2003 format. The translation of the Bible I have used most often is the NIV and latterly the Today’s NIV.

This index may be distributed to anyone, either electronically or in print, without permission, on the condition that you include this front page and never charge more than is required to cover any printing costs.

Unless otherwise stated, “T. Wright commentary” refers to his “For Everyone” series.
C. Theology means Christian Theology by Alistair McGrath.
WBC means the Word Biblical Commentary series.
PNTC means Pillar New Testament Commentary
Ency. Brit. means Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, 1979.

Simon Gill.

Worship - ways to do so
reverent Ps 5v7
music in Ne 12v46
cheerful? PTL Ja 5v13
rejoice always 1 Th 5v16
in spirit and truth Jn 4v24
by power of spirit Jn 4v24
on certain days Ro 14v5
in silence Hk 2v20
come into his presence singing Ps 100v2
have quietened my soul Ps 131v2
rejoice in the Lord Dt 12v12; Ph 3v1; 4v4;
offer him acceptable worship Hb 12v28
don’t be afraid of being fools in 2 Sa 6v16-22
offer bodies as living sacrifices Ro 12v1
incense burning Ex 30v7
women pray with heads covered 1 Cr 11v5
for strengthening the church 1 Cr 14v26
sacred garments to give dignity Ex 28v2
offer through Jesus Hb 13v15
even when life is difficult Ps 102v1-17
God’s word recorded so future generations can praise him Ps 102v18
recounting God’s past saving acts Ne 9; Ps 105v13-45; Ps 136
7 times a day I will praise you Ps 119v164
songs used for instruction Dt 31v21
bringing God the honour he is due Ma 1v6
failure to w. Is 43v22-24
worship by presence + mouths, but not heats Ez 33v30-32
12 pillars represent 12 tribes Ex 24v4
take delight in LORD Ps 37v4
all creation to worship LORD Ps 148
wash hands & feet before entering tent of meeting Ex 30v21

Worship - false/things to avoid
(unlike angels, which shouldn’t be) Rv 19v10
offer sacrifices, but do not please God Ho 8v13
don’t trust in ceremonies Is 29v13; Ac 17v25; Ph 3v3; Co 3v20
false w. Is 1v11-16; 29v13; 58v1-3; Je 5v2; Ho 10v4; Mk 7v5-8
false, causes house of worship to be place of sin Ho 8v11
hypocrisy of man’s rituals Mk 7v6-13
God’s judgement on man made recitals Is 29v13-14
anger of God even when people worship 1 Ch 13v7
enslavery of festivals and special observances Ga 4v10
sin of offering blemished offerings Ma 1v7-8
sacrifices mustn’t contain blood/yeast Ex 23v18
no images of God to be made for use in w. Dt 4v15-19
2nd class – worse than none Ma 1v7-10
w. just rules taught by men Is 29v13
authorised use of incense in temple 2 Ch 26v16 (Uzziah)
outwardly ok but not in heart Mk 7 v6
the fire on altar mustn,t go out Lv 6 v13
worship but actions not right Is 59v1

Worship - general
pilgrimage Ps 84v5
better is one day in your courts...... Ps 84v10
rejoice because names in heaven not power over Satan Lk 10v20
God wants mercy not sacrifice Ho 6v6
W! Ps 95v1-7; 96v9
Lord appears during 1 Kg 8v10
God worshipped through Jesus Is 49v3 (best captured in ESV/NRSV); 1 Pt 4v11
Jesus himself is worshipped Jn 9v38; 20v28; Rv 1v17
feeling that land was linked to nation’s God 2 Kg 5v17
many celebrating passover not ceremon. clean 2 Ch 30v18-19
delegation from Babylonian Jews about w. Zc 7v1-3 (Baldwin, Tyndale, p142)
sites of worship erected where God appeared Abram Ge 12v7; Jacob (Bethel) Ge 28v18-19; 35v14
Passover no longer celeb. by Christians Jn 2v13 (described as the Pass. of the Jews)
God’s praises reach the ends of the earth Ps 48v10
Yahweh’s pleasure is in those who revere him Ps 147v11
the festival (passover) to be a sign Ex 13v16
12 pillars represent 12 tribes Ex 24v4
Passover- to remember what God did Dt 16v3
inspires Israelites to remove idols 2 Ch 31v1
key to understanding Ps 73v16
the heavens praise [God] Ps 89v5
falling face down in worship Lv 9v24

Worship - eg’s of
David pours water on ground as offering 1 Ch 11v19
historic words and liturgy used 2 Ch 29v25-27
Hezekiah sends out call to all Israel to w. 2 Ch 30v5-10
disciples + Jesus sing a hymn Mt 26v30
healed lepor praises Jesus Lk 17v16
Moses, Jethro, Aaron ate bread in God’s presence Ex 18v12

(see also section on sacrifice)

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