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Could I get married in All Saints?

To be married in All Saints, one of the couple need to either live in the parish or have a significant connection to the parish, e.g. parents still live here; were brought up in the parish or attend the church.

How much would it cost?

Fees for a wedding in All Saints' church

Publication of banns (payable to PCC) £29
Marriage service £441 (payable to PCC 226, payable to DBF £189)
Organist £50
heating £10 (not normally required July - August)

Total fee all inclusive £545 (including calling banns in All Saints)

Fees for calling banns in church for wedding in another church

Publication of banns (payable to the PCC of that church) £29
(note: this is less than last year)
certificate (payable to the PCC of that church) £14


  1. A fee is payable to whoever is verger of £15.00, which comes out of the PCC fee.
  2. The heating fee is only chargable in the colder months, which are approx. October - June.
  3. Travel is only chargeable from the family for trips to the crematorium.
    Travel expenses to church/cemetry are claimed from the PCC.
  4. Cheque or BACS payment are preferred to cash. Cheques payable to All Saints Church PCC.


PCC = Parochial Church Council, DBF = Diocesan Board of Finance

Our fees are some of the cheapest in this part of Suffolk.

Contact vicar:

Rev'd. Simon Gill Telephone: Sudbury 375334

e- mail: