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It’s great that you want to know about Confirmation.

Confirmation is the act of claiming for ourselves the promises made for us at baptism when we were babies or young children. It shows that we intend to live as disciples of Christ now.
For those who haven’t been baptised before, baptism and confirmation either happen at the same service or can be arranged so that confirmation can follow very soon after baptism.

The promises made at our baptism were:
• to reject all forms of rebellion against God
• renounce evil
• repent of our sins
• turn and submit to Jesus and promise follow Him

As living up to these promises is quite a task, we want to help and prepare people before they make such a commitment.

This is done by being a regular attendee at services and then joining a preparation course (usually the START course followed by an additional preparation session) and then deciding with the Vicar to embrace those promises.

The service of confirmation includes prayer and the laying on of hands by the confirming bishop. The Church also asks God for the power of the Holy Spirit to enable each person to continue to live out their faith as they have promised.

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